Why New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil is Limited


Green lipped mussels are usually found in New Zealand, and most locals them because of the amount of nutrition that comes with this seafood. The New Zealand green lipped mussel oil inside is commonly put inside of tablets for people to ingest around the world. The mussel oil is also commonly found in supplements, vitamins and various other health products, so that the people around the world can benefit from the benefits it contains.


People around the world have started to gain interest with the nutritional benefits that the green lipped mussel possesses. Most people have been having a hard time in trying to lose weight and what people do not know is that green lipped mussels contains a high percentage of Omega 3 that helps in speeding up the metabolism. The green lipped mussel has become New Zealand’s prize possession due to the fact that the sea creature contains a very unique and specific amount of fatty acids that absolutely no other sea creature or plant has.


Green Lipped Mussels Are Filled with Benefits

Studies have said that the oil inside this type of mussel helps with damaged joints in the body by helping the joints recover. Scientists have also said that green lip mussels can help treat arthritis, stomach pain, psoriasis, cancer and also thyroids problems. Though most of these factors do not have as many studies about them, huge majorities of people have already improved their joint pain just from in taking the oil inside of the mussels.


Most pharmacy companies have been selling supplements that contain New Zealand green lipped mussel oil, but not supplements containing the entire green lipped mussel itself.  Which means people are missing out on all the benefits that these mussels provide.


Where Can I Find a Supplement that uses the Entire Mussel?


Xtend-Life has created a green lipped mussel powder and every bottle contains 120 – 600mg tablets. Xtend-Life is the best health supplement company because they offer the perfect amount of green lipped mussel oil.


The green lipped mussel from Xtend-Life is purchased around the world, because the powder contains the exact same amount of oil that an actual green lipped mussel does. Xtend-Life is one of the best online health supplement providers that offer not only green lipped mussels but also a variety of health products to choose from.


The company sells various health products online to over 40 countries, keeping every customer satisfied. So if you are ever in need of any health products and are hesitant doing it online, Xtend-Life is definitely worth investigating.