Natural Supplements For Joint Pain


Green lipped mussels are a nutrition packed shellfish, they are grown and farmed in New Zealand.  They are processed into a powdered food supplement or an oil extract and sold around the world for their joint pain relieving effects.  Natural supplements for joint pain are preferred over NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin) or addictive prescription drugs.


The Basics of Omega 3s

Green lipped mussel supplements relieve joint pain through nutrition.  They contain, among other beneficial contents, omega-3 fatty acids, mucopolysaccharides, and a large amount of healthy proteins, lipids, and minerals.


Omega-3 fatty acids are perhaps the most important ingredient missing from our diets.  They have a very important role in our biochemistry, but we rarely have enough of them in our bodies.  Fatty acids balance the amount of inflammation in our joints.  Omega-6 fatty acids “inflame” the connective tissue of our tendons and cartilage when we engage in physical activity, allowing us to move, work, and play.


Omega-3 fatty acids are an anti-inflammatory.  They relax or “anti-inflame” our connective tissues when we shift from activity to rest, relieving pain from joints. Omega-3 fatty acids are like our bodies natural aspirin.  We get enough omega-6s, because our bodies can synthesize them from simpler molecules.  But Omega-3s are essential, meaning that they are too complex to be synthesized so they must be ingested.  One must eat a lot of seafood, take omega-3 rich fish oils, or take green lipped mussel powdered supplements to arm your body with the natural pain-relievers that it needs to battle joint pain.


The Magic Behind Mucopolysaccharides


Mucopolysaccharides are a complex carbohydrate. Like the Omega-3 fatty acids, it is essential and must be ingested.  They are long, intricate molecules, hundreds of amino acids long.  They have hundreds of functions within the human body, the most important of which is the glue that holds together tissues and organs on a cellular level.


Another important function is to lubricate our joints.  Mucopolysaccharides attract water to our connective tissue.  They give elasticity to our tendons and cartilage and improve joint function.  While fish and mussel oils do contain a lot of Omega-3s, they do not contain this essential complex carbohydrate.  Only natural supplements for joint pain, like those made from green lipped mussels, contain mucopolysaccharides.


Green Lipped Mussels are filled with Building Blocks for your Body


Green lipped mussels powder also contain a large amount of rare mineral salts, lipids, and amino acid based proteins.  These proteins are in optimal form for joint repair.  Athletes that are recovering from joint injuries will take supplements that are rich in these “building blocks” because they can be immediately used by our bodies for physical recovery.


The less energy that we exert biochemically putting our nutrients into the proper form, the more energy we have for the recovery.  But these protein and lipids not only help those in recovery, they help to promote healthy joint function in everyone.


Taking natural supplements for joint pain is your best bet.  They give your body what it needs to battle chronic pain naturally, rather than through dangerous and addicting drugs.  They contain omega-3s, the bodies natural aspirin; mucopolysaccharides, the bodies nails and screws that hold it together and also lubricate joints; and amino acid based proteins and lipids that are the building blocks to repair joints