Green Lipped Mussels for Arthritis

How Did they Discover that Green Lipped Mussels effectively Treat Arthritis?

They Taste As Good As They Look

Perna canaliculus, commonly known as the green lipped mussel, is usually found in New Zealand widely known for being served as a traditional food. It became more famous for the anti-inflammatory properties, which are very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and other disorders, associated with swelling and inflammation.

The medicinal advantages of green lipped mussels for arthritis were discovered some time in the 1960’s and up to now, scientists are still conducting further studies and experiments to learn more about the advantages green lipped mussels still have to offer. It is now in demand as both a delicious food, and a healthy food supplement and an natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs.

The positive effects of green lipped mussels were discovered when scientists were experimenting and researching for a cure to cancer. Time went by without positive results as a cure for cancer. Scientists then decided the medicinal components of green lipped mussels are not particularly for cancer. Despite that fact, the experiment was not a total loss.

Scientists Happened Upon the Benefits of The Green Lipped Mussel

Green Lipped Mussels help Arthritis sufferers

There was still the discovery of green lipped mussels as a natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers. Cancer patients who had arthritis showed major improvements in their condition. Some even claimed to have lost all symptoms of arthritis all together. And further study of green lipped mussels for arthritis took a leap forward. Companies and other research facilities have testified that green lipped mussels are indeed very helpful to our physical health. Even NASA, conducting their research on beneficial foods for space travel verifies this fact.

History Does Not Lie

The Maori were the First to Benefit from Green Lipped Mussels

More research on the green lipped mussel revealed additional evidence to its therapeutic advantages. Hundreds of years ago, the indigenous tribe of New Zealand called the Maori, were discovered to never have suffered from arthritis. This piece of information is simply amazing since back then these people ate what they caught from the ocean and a big part of their diet was the green lipped mussel.

There is even evidence that the Maori ate these mussels raw, fresh from their catch. By eating the green lipped mussel fresh and untouched straight from the sea, they got all the essential components making them remarkably healthy. Based on the history, the intake of green lipped mussel for arthritis had and still has positive outcome in reducing pain and discomfort.

Learning more about green lipped mussel will definitely be very helpful to anyone who has arthritis or other diseases with inflammation. In fact, anyone who wishes to have better health can benefit from green lipped mussels. We recommend taking Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussel powder boosted with Xtend Life’s Omega 3 DHA fish oil for maximum results for alleviating rheumatoid and osteoarthritis conditions.


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