What is the Truth About Green Lipped Mussels?

Green Lipped Mussel Studies

Green Lipped Mussel as Photographed by Bernadette Hubbard

There are not as many published green lipped mussel studies as one might think there should be.  Many of the studies done have been on either an extract of the green lipped mussel or on  a freeze dried powder,  which is unfortunate really.   Although the results are encouraging they are not complete.[1][2][3][4][5]

In the 1970’s  Dr Orville H. Miller, who was a professor of pharmaceutical Chemistry at USC,  was the first to identify essential components of natural medicine when doing personal research.

He researched the properties of the green shelled mussel for health improvement using historically documented information of the effects of similar nutrients and the recorded verbal history of natural medicines interpreted by modern scientific research.

He spent most of his life studying traditional folk treatments and cures to determine if there was any truth behind them.

MPS is The Glue of Life

This is how he found the advantageous effects in the complex carbohydrates mucopolysaccaride (MPS)[6], also known as glycosaminoglycans (GAG) which are bountifully found in the raw green lipped mussel.

Based on how MPS are structured and their ionic charge their critical to the unification of the body at a cellular level. Directly affecting organs, joints, and loose connective tissue.

However,  all the benefits that come with MPS or GAG’s are nullified if it is freeze-dried or cooked. As are other benefits that can be found only in a live raw mussel.  Thusly, nullifying additional positive results that studies might have found had they based them on fresh, raw green lipped mussels.

To be able to keep a high level of MPS in any mussel powder not only means a scrutinized selection of quality LIVE raw green shelled mussels but also making sure there is no cooking or freezing involved that eliminates MPS and other raw benefits.

There are many green lipped mussel powders available to study but if they have been prepared with cooking or freezing then the effectiveness of the powder will have been jeopardized.

The best way to create a green lipped mussel powder of high quality requires 2 things:

  1. a process using a low heat that requires only 2 steps
  2. a short processing period

Surprisingly, many companies claim to use low temperature in preparation of their powder but if they use a freeze drying process then it is a false statement.

There is a Company that Maintains the Integrity of the GLM

It turns out that in order to freeze dry they have to lower the moisture content of the frozen meat to prevent microbial growth. This freeze drying process actually requires a heating of the shellfish to 80°C for  around 6 hours.

There is a company that has done just this.  An actual 2 step low temperature process.  Without any secret heating process. They use high inlet air temperatures meaning that any hot air is used only upon a wet product and does not exceed 50°C.  And they do this in a matter of minutes still being able to ensure that there is no microbial growth.

They do all of this without having to add stabilizers or additives as well. Nothing about the Green Lipped Mussel is compromised.

While the majority of green lipped mussel supplement companies can take several days to manufacture their product,  Xtend-Life’s amazing revolutionary process only takes a little over 30 minutes. Taking the green lipped mussel from it’s raw, live form to packaged powder while preserving the nutrients including MPS.


Conventional Freeze-Drying Processes vs. Xtend-Life Process

2 Freeze Drying Methods demonstrated in column 1 & 2 while the Xtend Life Process in demonstrated in column 3


Xtend Life has a Quick 2 step process


6 Reasons Why Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussel Supplement is the Best on The Planet

  1. Extraordinarily fresh and pure.100% natural with no stabilizers or additives.
  2. Not only retains the quality lipids and omega-3 fatty acids, but also the all important MPS and many other health benefits that only come with a raw green shelled mussel.
  3. Revolutionary low temperature 2 step process retaining the integrity of the mussel with NO Cooking or flesh damage to the mussel.
  4. The best product on the market with regards to Quality and Value together.
  5. Incredibly powerful when paired with Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil.

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*Result showed Green lipped mussels do not contain heavy metals like oysters do.

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