Green Lipped Mussel Recipes: Cooking Nutrition Away

serve Green lipped mussels

Green Lipped Mussels Lose their Nutrients When Cooked

Green lipped mussel recipes share different ways of preparing these tasty shellfish so we can have a variety of ways to serve them. Each recipe provides a unique dish of green lipped mussels that anyone who enjoys seafood will surely like. Yet, these recipes teach us how to cook mussels but do not mention the fact that cooking green lipped mussel also diminishes its nutritional value.

Green lipped mussels that are found in New Zealand are shellfish that, apart from being a delicious delicacy, are also known to be an abundant source of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. These nutrients are also therapeutic in nature, having the ability to treat arthritis and other illnesses, especially those manifesting symptoms of inflammation.

The nutrients that green lipped mussel contains are incredibly potent. However, green lipped mussels break down easily. The oxidation of its components occurs when the mussel is exposed to extreme temperatures of heat.

What is the Real Purpose of Eating?

We eat Well so We Can Live Well

Before we decide to rely on green lipped mussel recipes to help us better prepare our meal, let us take into consideration what is lost in the process of cooking these mussels. To satisfy our cravings for delicious food is not the only reason we eat. In fact, it is not so important that we eat delicious food; rather what we need is food that will give us proper nutrition. The main purpose of eating is so that we can get the nutrition that we need, not just to survive, but to keep our bodies healthy. When we cook green lipped mussels, we are literally cooking the nutrition away.

Best Type of Green Lipped Mussel Powder to Use

To get the benefits of green lipped mussels, we can make use of its powder form. A proper green lipped mussel powder is processed in a way that no nutrient is lost. Ideally within 30 minutes of harvesting and completely processed in under an hour. The right process is quick and precise so that the mussel does not have enough time to break down and oxidize, maintaining all the nutrients in its original amount and potency. We Recommend Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussel Powder for the Highest quality green lipped mussel product on the market today.

Keep Cooking Your Mussels But Add the Nutritional Supplement On Top

Sprinkle GLM Powder On Your Food For Amazing Results

Even when we make use of green lipped mussel recipes to cook these mussels, we can still take advantage of all the nutrients it contains by using green lipped mussel powder. We can simply add the powder to the already cooked green lipped mussel dish. It adds to the flavor and contains all the essential nutrients that a live green lipped mussel would have. Using green lipped mussel powder allows us to enjoy a tasty green lipped mussel meal and benefit from all its health giving nutrients.