Want to Get Good Health that Lasts?

Green Lipped Mussel Powder For Better Health


In today’s world there are many supplements and pills out there that are suppose to do this or do that as far as promising you better health. So when you read that Green Lipped Mussel powder is super charged with an abundance of nutrients many people just add it to the list of ‘supposed to’.

I want to let people know that this supplement actually can and does live up to its hype, but only if you get it in its purest form available. That’s where many supplements go astray.

Taking green lipped mussel powder in its purest form, is a convenient way of enhancing ones health. It’s potent nutrients are known to boost immune systems as well as improve male and female fertility.


Best Method for Creating Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Low Heat Keeps All the Nutrients Active

The two major benefits of this shellfish is its healing effects on arthritic and inflammatory joint pain. There are many companies that produce green lipped mussel products and they may  provide a few of these benefits, but because of the way most of these companies process the green shelled mussel, using a high heating or freezing process, they usually end up eliminating most of the nutrients that makes this shellfish such a powerful supplement.

There is a company that has done its homework and created a powder form of this supplement that maintains its potency through a scientific process of low heating. This low heat process prevents the damage that other heat can have by killing the vitality of the lipids, Omega-3’s and fatty acids that makes this shellfish so unique.


Best Company that makes Green Lipped Mussel Powder Supplements

Build a Stronger Body

The name of this company is called Xtend-Life. I have spent a lot of time researching this company because I’m looking to spend my money supporting companies that truly are serious in helping and supporting others.  I also want to spend my money on products that are thoroughly tested and proven.

This company’s Green lipped mussel powder is as close to the pure form available on the market today that I have found, and there are no preservatives added to this unique supplement.

Because of their excellent harvesting, processing and packaging this company stands heads and shoulders above the rest in quality and performance with all of their products. There main concern is for the customer’s health.

They want their customers to be happy and know that when they take an Xtend-Life product they are getting the highest quality possible. Their goal is to have you as a customer for the rest of your life by improving your quality of health.

When you combine Xtend-Life’s green lipped mussel powder with their Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil, the benefits you receive are boosted greatly. The added power of the Omega 3  DHA Fish Oil will provide extra benefits to your skin, nervous system and circulatory system thus giving you more energy and endurance.

So, if you want an alternative supplement that you can sprinkle on your food instead of taking a pill or oil form try Xtend-Life Green Lipped Mussel powder boosted with  Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil will provide and notice a difference that your body  can actually feel.