Is Green Lipped Mussel Oil The Best Supplement For Your Health?

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Extract is Not a Whole Food

Is Green Lipped Mussel Oil Enough?

Green lipped mussel oil can be found all over the internet.  It has become a very popular item.  But what is surprising is that as beneficial as it is,  it is nowhere near as beneficial as getting a supplement that uses the entire green lipped mussel.

It seems that green shelled mussel oil is being sold for its anti-inflammatory qualities.  Which is very beneficial certainly but one can achieve the same benefits just by using a quality omega 3 fish oil as well.

Unfortunately the method used to extract the oil actually removes all the added benefits that a green lipped mussel has to offer.

Since this mussel is only found on the coast of New Zealand it seems quite wasteful not to use the whole shellfish. Why separate the oil when so many more benefits come from using a supplement that maintains the integrity of a raw green lipped mussel, including the nutrients of the oil? Besides the fact that many people are turned off by the smell and taste of the oil.


What Other Benefits Could You Be Getting?

Get the Most Out of Your GLM

The idea is to get the most bang for your buck.  Why not get the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties as well as the anti-aging properties, the improved joint mobility properties, and more?

This special shellfish from New Zealand, in its whole state, contains a variety of complex carbohydrates including mucopolysaccharides (MPS) and glycosaminoglycans (GAG).  Both of these replenish your system and actually helps your body structure.  Improving movement, skin, bones, circulation, joints, and tissue.

This goes way beyond the helping reduce inflammation.  It makes sense to get all of these benefits of this miraculous green shelled mussel instead of only isolating a couple of benefits.

I am sure that it is much easier to extract the green lipped mussel oil than it is to maintain the integrity of a green lipped mussel straight from the ocean.  I understand that companies probably save themselves an immense amount of time and energy required to do that.


Full Service Company not Multi Level Marketing

Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

The most publicized GLM oil on the internet right now is a mulit level marketing company that sells the green lipped mussel oil that only offers 25mg to 65mg of the green lipped mussel extract in every capsule.  This is very low for the benefits you are expecting.

Luckily, there is a full service supplement company that has taken the time, research, and energy required to keep the nutrients and benefits of the mussel intact. This company, Xtend Life, provides a green lipped mussel powder processed in a very specific manner to keep all the benefits intact as well as provides 600mg of pure green lipped mussel in every capsule.   It’s worth investigating at the very least.

It has been reported by many sources that taking the nutritional green lipped mussel  supplement along with Omega 3 fish oil has great results.  It seems that the fish oil actually boosts the benefits of the green lipped mussel.

So if you are looking for an anti inflammatory for disorders such as Arthritis, Lupus or IBS consider Xtend Life Green Lipped Mussel Capsules boosted by their Omega 3 fish oil for above average results with extra benefits.