What’s the Difference between Green Lipped Mussel Oil vs Fish Oil?


The oil inside of fish has the power to reduce the chances of breast, colon and prostate cancer. Though the fish doesn’t necessarily contain Omega 3, it only receives the nutrition when consuming ocean food that already contains Omega 3.

Studies have said that fish oil has the power to also reduce the chance of heart disease. Though doctors and scientists haven’t proved that fish oil can really help reduce the chances certain cancers, a majority of people already have become healthier from fish oil. So the question that is coming up now is what works better? Green lipped mussel oil vs fish oil.


Green lipped mussel.

Green lipped mussels originate in New Zealand, not only is the green lipped mussel unique just from the color of it’s shell, but also because of the unique nutritional benefits that it possesses.

This sea mussel has a unique mixture of fatty acids that absolutely no other sea creature or plant contains. The green lipped mussel has been known to help in repairing damaged joints, reducing the chance of crohn disease, inflammatory bowel disease and also prevent inflammation occurring inside of the body. The sea creature has amazing nutritional benefits, but is often compared to the amazing nutritional benefits that fish oil also possesses.


Green lipped mussel oil vs fish oil.

The two species have proven themselves to have the power of actually helping with certain health issues, so on the surface it doesn’t seem important to compare them.

The truth is they are quite different.  Green lipped mussels contain proteins, lipids, Omega 3s, mucopolysaccharides, tons of vitamins and minerals that you could technically replace your multivitamin with a green lipped mussel supplement and actually get more bang for your buck.   Fish oil is abundant in Omega 3’s and that’s pretty much the long and short of it.  But we all know Omega 3’s are terribly important.

Ultimately there is no green lipped mussel oil vs fish oil debate. Your best bet is to take them together because taking the fish oil will actually enhance the benefits of the green lipped mussel. Which is wonderful news.

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