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Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Health Benefits

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In the waters off the coast of New Zealand, exists the Perna Canaliculus.  It is shellfish that is unique for many reasons, it is one of the largest shellfish, it is one of the most nutritional potent seafood or plant food on the planet.

Hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand and Australia have been eating the mussels for their health benefits for decades.  Thanks to the internet, the rest of the world is starting to catch on to the nutritional phenomenon of the mussel by purchasing powdered supplements and oil extracts.

The green lipped mussel oil health benefits have been studied extensively by scientists.  A derivative of the mussel called Lyprinol has been tested on rats with induced arthritis, has shown results in treating the disease.

Experiments with humans, both controlled and random, have shown to dramatically decrease the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma.  In one study 80% of patients experienced significant pain relief and improvement of joint function after an eight week test period.

If just an Extract can do all that Imagine what the Entire Mussel can do!

The Whole Green Lipped Mussel is AMAZING!

Though the green lipped mussel oil heath benefits are extensive, one study found that mussel powder contains almost 200 times the Omega-3s as salmon oil, the powdered supplement is a superior form of the mussel.

Besides anti inflammatory Omega-3s, the powder contains Glycosaminoglycans, a complex molecule that attracts water to connective tissue and lubricates joints, that is lost in the oil extracting process along with dozens of other beneficial vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, lipids, and antioxidants.  The green lipped mussel oil health benefits are comparable to a powerful fish oil, while the green lipped mussel powdered supplement manufactured using the entire mussel is a miracle food.

The nutrition in the green lipped mussel powder defends against degenerative conditions and your young.  Besides omega-3s and Glycosaminoglycans, they contain antioxidants which chase down free radicals and neutralizes them before than can cause damage to cells and tissues.

It bolsters your immune system, giving it the weapons that it needs to fight off bacteria and viruses. And it is natural, containing healthy proteins and lipids that are rare in our modern, genetically enhanced, artificially preserved diets.

Green Lipped Mussel Powder Enhances Your Life,

It does not demand that you change it.

Don't change your Life change your supplement

The best part about the huge green lipped mussel supplement health benefits, is that you don’t have to change your diet.  One of the most difficult aspects of being healthy, is changing your lifestyle, especially your diet.

We love the foods that we eat, or we wouldn’t eat them.  The mussel powder supplements can be added to your meals, making a healthy life, that much easier to maintain.