What is this Green lipped Mussel of New Zealand?

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Known as P. Canaliculus to scientists and researchers, the green lipped mussel of New Zealand is one of the world’s most nutritious foods. The lipped mussels were once the staple of the diet of the Maori, an indigenous New Zealand population.  The Maori never seemed to develop chronic physical problems and this odd good health was attributed to their diet.

For decades, Australians and New Zealanders have been consuming the green shelled mussel either raw or as a supplement. Which being a staple in their diet has allowed them the benefit of wellness from inflammation , rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments that can effect active people with joint pain.

Since the green lipped mussels are located solely in New Zealand, they are big business there.  The industry is worth about 210 million US dollars a year, and many people are employed in growing and collecting the mussels, and manufacturing them into powders and oils.

The Fresher the Better

green lipped mussels fresh

The fresher the better for you

The green lipped mussel from New Zealand has a high nutritional value (including Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B complex) when it is eaten raw.  If the mussels are frozen or cooked, an important part of their make up is destroyed.  The need to keep them fresh at all times makes it extremely difficult and expensive to get the mussels, with all their nutritional value, in America.  Fortunately, the mussels are available as an oil extract or a powdered supplement on the internet, making them available everywhere on the earth.

The oil extracting process uses heat. Unfortunately heating up the mussels also destroys a part of their nutrition.  The only way to get the mussels with all of their raw nutrition, without eating them straight from the shell, is by taking the green lipped mussel powder supplement.  There are dozens of companies manufacturing green lipped mussel products.

Not all Companies are the same

Not All Comanies are Equal

You want to find a company that manufactures the mussel into a powder within thirty minutes of being pulled from the water, this makes freezing and heating in order to preserve them unnecessary.

Also you want to find a green lipped mussel business that utilizes the entire mussel. Oil extracts use as little as 7% of the mussel and much of the best nutrients go to waste.  You want to buy from a company that farms the mussels specifically for use in a  health supplement.

The mussels are harvested at their peak nutritional content at a certain time of the year.  Green lipped mussels are growing in popularity, so there are a lot of emerging companies.  You want a product that has quality, not just popularity of the brand name.