Best Questions To Get Quality Green Lipped Mussel Information

What are the side effects of using green lipped mussels?

A Healthy Way to Help your Body Heal Itself

There are some side effects to using green lipped mussels, but it is minor digestive discomfort, including nausea, and for a few diarrhea.  These side effects can be easily avoided by consuming the mussel supplements with food.

Green lipped mussels contain high quality proteins in the form of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, trace minerals, and anti-oxidants. As your body adjusts to being healthy, this many nutrients can upset your stomach if it’s not use to them.

Your body will begin to expel unwanted toxins as well, this process can make you feel fatigued,  be sure to drink plenty of water while taking this supplement, but all the side effects wane after a few weeks of use and your body is able to heal itself and all your systems.

If I have an allergy to seafood, can I still use green lipped mussel supplements?

Unfortunately no, those who suffer from allergic reactions to sea food, will suffer the same allergy if they consume green lipped muscles.  Green lipped mussels have also shown to be damaging to the health of a fetus, and therefore should not be consumed by women who are pregnant.

How much heavy metals such as mercury are inside Green lipped muscles?

NZ has Strict Farming Regulations

Green lipped mussels contain no heavy metals such as mercury.  There are strict regulations in New Zealand, where the green lipped mussels are grown that ensure that they are harvested from only the most clean, pollution-free waters.  Scientific studies have concluded that the mussels contain no bacteria or mercury.

Is there any difference between green lipped mussel oils and green lipped mussel supplements?

Though green lipped mussel oil extracts are healthy and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, the powdered supplement created by Xtend-life is the superior way to consume the mussels.

The extracting process of many companies removes much of the green lipped mussel’s  most beneficial nutrients, and they only utilizes a fraction of the entire mussel.

Xtend Life’s green lipped mussel supplement is processed in  2 steps with low temperature that avoids both excessively heating or freezing the mussel.  This way the integrity of the entire mussel is preserved.

Does it matter what company that I by my green lipped mussel products from?

Find a Company the Uses the Entire Mussel

It is important to research for green lipped mussel information and about the company you are patronizing for your supplements. Not all companies are the same, or use the same harvesting and manufacturing processes.  The nutritional value of the green lipped mussels is finicky.

They must be grown in certain waters, harvested at a certain time of year, and processed a certain way to avoid heating and freezing.  It is important to do buy from a company that grows mussels specifically for their nutritional value.