A Breeze Through Green Lipped Mussel History

How we learned about the Green Lipped Mussel

The Maori Ate Green Lipped Mussels Daily

Over a thousand years ago, on an island country we now know as New Zealand, there lived the Maori peoples, whose diet mostly consisted of sea food from their coastline. A tough people, the Maori have rarely experienced body pains and have no documented cases of arthritis.

The tribe claims that they maintain their good physical condition because of their diet. Mainly they attribute their health to the green-lipped mussel (perna canaliculus) also known as the green shell mussel. Green lipped mussel history will show us the advantages and benefits we can get from these shell fish and how scientists discovered so much more about this mussel.

According to scientific studies, the green-lipped mussel consumes phytoplanktons. Phytoplanktons produce carotenoids, which are rich with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory components.


Harvesting and Processing have Evolved over the Years

Harvesting Methods are Crucial

As a process of harvesting, the green lipped mussels are gathered and transferred to more sanitary waters protected by the Marine Nature Park Regulations. This way, they are better monitored for safety and sanitary reasons.  As a result, we get green lipped mussels fresh and clean since they are exposed to lesser toxins and heavy metals which are hazardous to our health.

Green-lipped mussels contain a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which can be very beneficial to our cardiovascular and respiratory system. These fatty acids also enhance memory, improve conditions of certain skin disorders, balance serotonin to improve mood conditions and much more.

Based on green-lipped mussel history, these shellfish contain a wide range of essential nutrients advantageous to our physical condition that cannot be found in other food sources. During the 1960’s, NASA began their own research to determine what food had the most nutrients to be distributed to astronauts. They verified that the green-lipped mussel does work in providing abundant nutrition.

In addition, scientists, through years of research have been able to extract the oily substance, from the lipids. The lipids contain the anti-inflammatory properties that made the green lipped shell popular for its effective use as a treatment for arthritis.

For some time, it was sold in the market as green lipped mussel oil extract. They later came up with a process that involves freeze-drying the mussel into powder, which can also be turned into a capsule or tablet.

Only One Company is Using the most Advanced Methods for the 21st Century

Only Xtend Life Uses The Most Current Methods Of Processing

Only one company uses the most current method right now. It is a low temperature 2-step process that uses the entire mussel and actually is able to maintain the integrity of an actual raw mussel.

This is a big step in green-lipped mussel history, allowing us to get the maximum benefits by taking all the nutrients green lipped mussel contains. This specially prepared form is also preferred by people who have certain distaste for shellfish,  and should be avoided by those who are pregnant or allergic to shellfish.

By the 1980’s, distribution of green-lipped mussel’s processed form became available worldwide and more people became aware of its great benefits to humans and animals alike. To date, green lipped mussels are sold in its various available forms: oil, powder, tablet, and capsule; all of which can be used for improving health. We recommend the Xtend Life powder capsules boosted by their Omega 3 DHA fish oil for maximum benefits.