Does Green Lipped Mussel work for Pets?

Could your Pet Benefit Physically?

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Yes, it’s true! Even your pets can get all the benefits that green lipped mussels have to offer. For all the pet lovers out there, this is certainly good news. According to recent studies, green lipped mussels are just as effective for pets, as it is for us. Even in the past, there were significant improvements in the physical conditions of animals used for testing green lipped mussels.

There was one specific experiment done on mice where induced inflammation on different body parts were prevented from occurring when they were given green lipped mussels. Not only do green lipped mussel for pets help treat certain pains and discomfort, it also helps prevent possible health problems from happening.


Studies Done for Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Get your Cat Jumping Again

There are many other studies that have been conducted on the use of green lipped mussel for pets, particularly for cats and dogs. In fact, one study actually focused on dogs’ health in relation to arthritis and the dogs’ mobility. The results were a tremendous success! Dogs that were treated were either suffering from arthritis, or had poor mobility.

After regular intake of green lipped mussels over a  period of time, the dogs no longer suffered from the painful symptoms of arthritis, and all were completely mobile and even more active than before. Green lipped mussels can really help treat painful disorders and improve overall physical condition. It’s just simply amazing that we have green lipped mussel for pets that can help us make our pets healthier naturally and effectively.

Your dog can have renewal

Presently, there are not enough studies done on a broader range of animals according to species.  We’ll just have to wait for updates and further discoveries on what more benefits the green lipped mussels have to offer, and what other animals have reaped these benefits.

For now, we can be sure that green lipped mussels are good for cats and dogs. If you have pets other than cats and dogs, it would be best to discuss with a veterinarian before trying out green lipped mussels as a treatment or supplement. Although, studies have confirmed that there are no harmful risks to both humans and animals aside from a possibility of an allergic reaction or a mild stomach upset. In any case, even those mild and rare side effects do not pose any severe threat or permanent damage to health.


A Healthier Life for You and Your Pet

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You can bet that green lipped mussel powder for pets, is easy and efficient. You just sprinkle it onto your pet’s food and give it an appetizing mussel flavor. Your beloved pet gets to eat yummy food and you can be happy knowing that your pets is on the way to having superior health.

If you want to give your pet the full benefits of what a raw green lipped mussel can offer, we recommend Xtend-Life green lipped mussel supplements because they do more than use an extract from the green lipped mussel.  The Xtend-Life company developed a unique and effective method of taking fresh harvested mussels and with a 2 step, low temperature process convert the entire mussel into a supplement within 30 minutes of harvesting.  This method holds in all of the amazing benefits that the mussels offer including the anti-inflammatory elements.