Can Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

Side Effects Be Harmful ?

Great For Your Dog

A green lipped mussel is commonly found in the ocean rocks of New Zealand. The green lipped mussel has become New Zealand’s prize possession, because of it has very unique nutritional benefits that the creature possesses. This unique mussel has a mixture of fatty acids, lipids and proteins that absolutely no other kind of sea critter or plant contains.

The green lipped mussel can not only help people but also dogs and other pets. There has been some digestive discomfort reported by people when they first start taking green lipped mussel supplements, which is why dog lovers are hesitant in giving it to dogs as well. But we are here to report that there is nothing to be worried about since we feed our own dog green lipped mussel daily.

Green lipped mussel for dogs side effects from personal experience

Our Dog takes GLM for Bad Joints

Because of the fact that green lipped mussels have a high amount of nutrition there is a possibility that side effects may occur. The possible side effects when your dog first takes green lipped mussels are loose bowel movements and more frequent urination. Generally these side effects subside after the first 2 weeks after the dog has detoxified some.

The benefits that come when a dog takes green lipped mussels are well worth the detox period requiring more frequent walks and  extra poop bags you’ll have to carry. Our dog, who suffers from a severe and permanent joint injury to her back right leg, experienced an immediate better mood and more energy.  After months of taking green lipped mussels she is able to use the injured hip/leg to run on occasionally and no longer appears to be in any pain or discomfort at all.  If any symptoms do occur to your dog outside of these mentioned, consulting a vet is highly recommended.


What are the benefits for dogs when taking green lipped mussels?

Your dog can have renewal

The green lipped mussel has been known to help with dogs asthma and can also help alleviate arthritis and joint pain and troubles as it did with our dog. Studies have said that the dog will be safe from any kind of inflammation from happening.

Green lipped mussels also have the power to help repair damaged joints and help the bones of dogs to strengthen. Green lipped mussels contain a rich amount of omega3 that protects dogs from various cancers. It is very important to find a supplement that comes in a powder form, using the entire green lipped mussel as opposed to just an extract.  This way your dog will see tremendous benefits.


What is the best health company that offers green lipped mussel?

Get Back in Action

Xtend-life is one of the best health supplement companies that give customers quality green lipped mussel powder.  Their capsules contain 600mg of pure green lipped mussel in a powder capsule that is easily sprinkled onto your dogs food, which is what we do with Lady Chestnut and she LOVES IT!

It is always easy to find their products because they are an online company, due to being located in New Zealand, and have been selling high quality health products and extremely affordable prices to over forty different countries.

Xtend-Life is one of the most trusted health professionals, keeping all of their customers satisfied with the high quality health products they offer. Not only does Xtend-Life sell green lipped mussel powder, but also a variety of health products. So if you are ever in need of health products for you as well as  your dogs, Xtend-Life is a company that you can trust.