The Correct Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs Dosage can Treat

Arthritis in Dogs

Dog owners today have to worry about their pets suffering from arthritis. Since there is no way to eliminate this condition, proper maintenance is a must. The best way to combat arthritis in dogs is to use green lipped mussel powder and sprinkle it on your dog’s food.

This article will help you determine the correct green lipped mussel for dogs dosage. Green lipped mussel powder is easily sprinkled on your dog’s food daily. You want to get the dosage right so that your pet will get better without wasting supplements through over dosage (you may want to be taking some for yourself too).

Positive results can be achieved as early as one week. There are three factors that determine green lipped mussel for dogs dosage. These are size, the severity of your dog’s arthritis or joint issues and supplement type. Really the dosage is not tricky.

Just follow this dosage guide for dogs factoring their size. Mix 450 mgs of green lipped mussel powder with food for small dogs (weighing less than 50 pounds). Medium sized dogs, which weigh 50 to 75 pounds, are given 750 mgs daily. 1000 mgs daily is given to big dogs weighing more than 75 pounds.

This suggested daily dosage can be split between the dog’s daily meals. Dogs that demonstrate the onset of arthritis should be given a dosage of 600 mgs. You can start dogs that cannot climb stairs or run, with 600 mgs of green lipped mussel powder daily. Observe your pet for one to two weeks for improvement. If conditions do not improve, increase the supplement dosage to 750 mgs for the third and fourth week.

There are many green lipped mussel supplement types. There are poor and high quality supplements available. Poor kinds have small amounts of mussel extract in them. These are cheaper yet will require you to use many capsules every day.

Higher quality supplements like Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder not only include the entire mussel instead of an extract but each capsule contains 600mgs of pure Green Lipped Mussel for the same cost as other companies extract of the mussel at a measly 50mg.

We use Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder to ensure that our dogs get the best dosage and quality of mussel. It is not worth the money testing cheaper or inferior products. With Xtend-Life, we use half a capsule for small dogs. Our medium dogs (50 to 75 pounds) get one capsule daily.

Our big dogs get two capsules of Xtend-Life daily. Mix the appropriate green lipped mussel for dogs dosage in your pet’s food. Our dogs’ health is important enough to use the best and conveniently at a reasonable price. This is what works and the results make for happier and healthier dogs and humans.