The Beneficial Effects of Green Lipped Mussel

for Breast Cancer Treatment

Use Green Lipped Mussels for Breast Cancer

Green lipped mussel breast cancer treatment started in New Zealand and now is used throughout the world. Green lipped mussel is a unique shellfish which grows in New Zealand. It has cancer fighting properties due to its high antioxidant content which fights free-radical damage as well as helping tremendously with tissue inflammation.

One study spoke of a doctor decided to try the green lipped mussel to help his patients suffering from breast cancer, and it seemed to be effective in lowering the number of cancer cells in the breasts.

Breast cancer forms when free-radicals cause too many cells to develop in one area of the body this can result in tumors or pre-cancerous lumps and this is why all women are encouraged to do a self-breast examination. We are looking for the early signs that cells are collecting in one place to possibly form a tumor. When we consume antioxidants that have the ability to kill free radicals, then cancer cells cannot group together and multiply.

How does Green Lipped Mussels Help the Cancer Fight?

There are many Cancer fighting qualities in these mussels


Green lipped mussel has been shown to help fight the spread of free radicals and with its Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is an important supplement the body needs to stay healthy and ward off breast cancer, as well as many other diseases. It is highly effective as a preventative treatment for women concerned with developing breast cancer also. In the 2010 Annals of Oncology Omega 3 fatty acids were purported to have a high relevancy to decreased cancer of many types, including breast cancer.

Green lipped mussel also contains two inhibiting enzymes, 5-lipooxygenase and 12-lipooxygenase, the both of which are also important for eliminating breast cancer. If these enzymes are not stopped from proliferating the body, then breast cancer is a probable outcome. Green lipped mussel inhibits their growth.

What Brand of GLM supplement provides all these Healing Qualities?

Fight Free Radicals


If you are looking for a quality supplement to help prevent or possibly aid in the cure of breast cancer, then Xtend-Life’s green lipped mussel supplement is highly recommended. Xtend-Life’s green lipped mussel is made with the strictest standards and has a high level of Omega 3s, high levels of antioxidants to fight the spread of free radicals, as well as the two inhibitor enzymes needed to fight breast cancer. You can use a natural approach from the oceans of New Zealand to stay healthy.