Is Green Lipped Mussel Extract for Dogs Better than a Full Supplement?

Arthritis Sucks Whether You Are a Dog or Human

Great For Your Dog

Dogs suffer from ailments just like humans do.  They get injuries, just like us.  They get Osteoarthritis, just like us.  And they get old, just like us.  And just like us, it is important to monitor your dogs physical health.  Those dogs that have a history of joint problems are especially at risk in developing arthritis and the degradation of bone structure and function.

Nutrition is important to your dog, just like it is important to you.  Most ordinary grocery store dog food contains low quality meats and foods.  The stuff that they wouldn’t put into human food is usually the stuff that they put into animal food.  But this is not right!

Most of us consider our pets to be members of our family, and therefore deserving of proper nutritional health.  While a Green lipped mussel extract for dogs is quite beneficial for pets, getting a quality green lipped mussel supplement that uses the entire mussel is  much more packed with nutrition.

Why The Full Supplement offers More than a Simple Extract

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The full supplement contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is lacking in today’s diets.  There are a lot of amino acid based proteins, lipids, complex carbohydrates, and antioxidants in green lipped mussels.  They have everything that your dog needs, but doesn’t have in his regular dog food.

Studies have been done. Dogs of many breeds and many different stages of arthritis were given green lipped mussel extract in their food for six weeks.  Scientists evaluated many factors: degree of inflammation, degree of pain, and range of movement.  Regardless of breed, regardless of level of arthritis, the group of test dogs showed substantial improvement over the group of control dogs.

And that was just with the extract.  Imagine the benefits you would be giving your dog if it were to get all the goodness of the entire green lipped mussel.  It would aid in brain function, improve skin, improve circulation, aid in joint repair, fight the aging process and more. Who wouldn’t want to have their dog around a few years longer if possible.

Full Benefits means better Health for You and Your Dog

Our Dog who takes GLM for Bad Hips and She Loves It!

If you have a dog, then you love your dog.  If you love your dog then don’t allow it to suffer.  Osteoarthritis is one of the most common physical problems in older animals.  It develops, so whether you start using a green lipped mussel full supplement or a green lipped mussel extract for dogs when your dog is young, it will have a better chance to fend off bone and joint problems later in life.

So if it is so good for dogs, then why not you? Green lipped mussels are not just for dogs.  All of the health giving effects are available for humans also.  Studies that research the effect of green lipped mussels on people have shown a decrease in pain and stiffness in joints and relief from inflammatory problems such as asthma, IBS, and of course Osteoarthritis.

So while you love your dog and you are doing what is best for its health by mixing a high quality green lipped mussel powder into its dog food, don’t forget to love yourself, and do what is best for your physical health and happiness. Mix green lipped mussels into your own food and enjoy your, and your dogs, health.