Is Green Lipped Mussel A Depression Solution?

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Depression is a big problem in our society and there are many complex issues that play a role in it. Depression has to do with someone feeling a heaviness or sadness instead of peaceful and happy.  Sure, we all have tough days but when you feel that there is nothing to keep you going day after day it can be a hard life to lead. Many experts believe that there is a chemical imbalance responsible for it.

Is green lipped mussel a depression solution for you to consider? It has been suggested that it may help improve the imbalance of those chemicals in the brain. Green lipped mussel offers the mind and the body various types of proteins and other nutrients it needs like lipids combined with omega 3′s and mucopolysaccharide (MPS) . When the body is lacking them for one reason or another it can be difficult to regulate the chemicals and hormones that are produced.


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One of the common methods of controlling depression has to do with prescribing various types of medications. Many people aren’t fond of the idea of having to take those medications day after day. They don’t like the side effects that are created or the amount of money that they have to spend on them.

It is also important to point out that various forms of medications that are taken for other types of health problems may contribute to the depression occurring. With the use of green lipped mussel it may not be necessary to take those types of medications anymore depending on what imbalance is causing the depression. It is certainly something to think about and discuss with your health professional.

Depression can also be due to suffering from chronic pain causing an individual a lack of joy in their usual activities. Joint pain due to arthritis can make it very hard for someone to focus on work, to enjoy social gatherings, or to be able to sleep well. A lack of mobility due to various health problems can also cause someone to suffer from depression.

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The high level of unique lipids that combine with the Omega 3 fatty acids in greenshell mussels is believed to help with reducing  depression. It can help to offer more energy and that reduces fatigue. Often a person that suffers from chronic fatigue and a lack of energy won’t get out and exercise. There are plenty of studies that show a lack of energy and exercise will result in someone being more likely to become depressed.

In the book “The Green-Lipped Mussel” by John E. Croft,  the following results came from subjects taking only an extract of this mussel back in the 70′s:

In almost all cases where the extract has been used, be it for human or animal treatment, it has been observed that the vitality or well-being of the subject has been significantly enhanced. -  pg 56

The common expression by human subjects has been ‘ I feel so much better, I feel like getting out and doing things.’  – pg 56

Similarly with animals, a new vibrance has been so easily detectable.  Owners have reported that their elderly and normally tired and lethargic dog has suddenly changed to an enthusiastic animal meeting them at the door …ready to go out walking.  – pg 57

Had this author done his studies today with all of the new scientific breakthroughs around the green lipped mussel, and used a supplement that harnessed the benefits of the entire shellfish,  imagine the results.  It is certainly worth trying for yourself.

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Xtend-Life is a great source of green lipped mussel and  can be used to help you feel better both physically and mentally. The quality of this shellfish is better than most other products available due to the way in which it has been processed. You owe it to yourself to stay healthy and to do all you can to naturally reduce problems created by depression.