Green Lipped Mussel Cooking Tips

How do You get the Most out of Cooking your Mussel?

serve Green lipped mussels

Green Lipped Mussel Cooking Looks Tasty but is it the Best For You?

The best green lipped mussel cooking tip I can give you is don’t.  Don’t cook it! at least not if you want the amazing benefits of this rare mussel. What is the point of finding a treasure of nutritional value like a green shelled mussel only to nullify all the amazing things it can do for your body?

The fact that the green lipped mussel is good for your overall health and that they taste great is a common reason why people continue to cook with it. Which makes sense if you live in New Zealand. If you live elsewhere in the world, these miraculous mussels are expensive to buy because they have to be shipped from New Zealand quickly in order to preserve any real value.  Most importantly once a green lipped mussel is heated up or frozen it loses the majority of its most beneficial nutrients, which means you just wasted your money.

If you are looking to cook green lipped mussels for their nutritional value be aware of this.  Just like the difference in nutritional value between a cooked and raw vegetable. Your body gets much better results eating vegetables raw.   However, unlike eating raw vegetables, very few people would dare risk eating a raw shellfish even if the nutritional value was spectacular  So what are you supposed to do?


The Solution: Cooking with a Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

Raw Nutrients are Always Better For You

The easiest way to use green lipped mussel cooking, is to use a powder form. You can add the powder onto your cooked food and mix it in. There won’t be any altered taste and you will get much more  value out of your meal.

It is also useful if you want to limit who is consuming the green lipped mussel. For example you may have a pregnant woman in the home, someone allergic to shellfish, or children whom you don’t want to consume shellfish. You can simply sprinkle the green lipped mussel on the portions of food for those who are able to eat it and want to.

Carrying some the convenient capsules around with you can be a great idea. That way if the food you eat was prepared by someone else, or even when you go to a restaurant, you can add extra nutrients to your meal for your body’s overall well being without worrying about the preparation.


My Favorite Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

xtend life product

We Recommend Xtend-Life Products

Xtend-Life is a quality company that offers green lipped mussel in a powder form that you will want to consider for your cooking. It is rated extremely high in value because of the precise manner in which they process this nutritional shellfish. There is no time wasted  for the beneficial nutrients to disappear.

Unfortunately,  processing  is a common problem with a great deal of the green lipped mussel products out there.  Many products don’t realize that to get the most out of green lipped mussels they need to be processed almost immediately after being harvested, without freezing or heating, or a great deal of the nutrients go wasted.  To do this costs more, so a lot of companies bank on the fact that consumers won’t know the difference and will just buy anything with green lipped mussel on it.

Green lipped mussel cooking with the real shellfish can be time consuming and messy. It is an expensive undertaking if you are using a superfood like green shelled mussels and shipping them from New Zealand.  Most people are unaware  that most of the antioxidants and nutrients are already gone from those shellfish by the time they start to work with them. Using  Xtend-Life green lipped mussel powder on top of your food can get you the nutritional value you seek.