The Hopeful Outcome:

Green Lipped Mussel and Cancer Research

There is Glimmer of Light in Green Lipped Mussel Cancer Research so Far

This page is about the promising results of green lipped mussel and cancer studies and the possibilities we can expect. Modern cancer treatments, although eliminates cancer cells, also takes a lot from the human body. Use of green lipped mussels (GLMs) as a natural alternative treatment can greatly benefit cancer patients.

The green lipped mussel is a species of shellfish native to the coast of New Zealand. It is found about 30 feet under water. It is gathered, harvested and served as a traditional delicacy. Also known for its medicinal benefits, today it is processed into supplements such as  oil, powder, capsule and tablet forms. It has been widely believed and proven by scientists that GLMs are a natural remedy for arthritis and other rheumatoid diseases.

Cancer Patients can Benefit from Green Lipped Mussels

Numerous studies have been made to find out more about what this particular species of shellfish can do to our physical health. Various research and experiments have provided very positive results. Many companies and agencies including NASA, which began their own research on the best food supplements for their astronauts, vouch for the health benefits green lipped mussels have to offer. What scientists are still aiming for is the connection of green lipped mussels and cancer treatment. The objective is to establish green lipped mussels as a natural alternative treatment for cancer.

Experiments in test tubes showed evidence that the green lipped mussel’s extracted components are capable of killing cancer cells. However, when it was administered to cancer patients it did not provide the same results. What it did show was great joint improvement for cancer patients who were also suffering from arthritis. On the other hand, since test tube experiments showed that the medicinal components of green lipped mussels can kill cancer cells, it just proves that scientists are on the right track.

Keep Immune System Up During Chemo

The Lipids extracted from this shellfish contains not just any nutrients, but a unique mixture of omega 3 fatty acids. A combination that cannot be found in other food source, be it plant or animal.

Some health benefits from these fatty acids include mental and memory development, improvement of respiratory ailments, relief of body pains, adds glow to the skin and treats certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, and even slow down the aging process. Based on these facts it’s safe to assume that it is very possible that scientists will soon find evidence linking green lipped mussels and cancer treatment.

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