How Do You Know You Found The Right Brand?

The Best Green Lipped Mussel Brands

Not All Brands are Equal

Green Lipped Mussel brands seem to be new on the scene today and there are several companies out there selling it trying to stake their claim as the best brand around.

Since it is still new there is going to be a lot of companies saying how wonderful their supplement is and how their product has the most benefits. Many of whom are multi level marketing companies.

To some degree most of what some of these companies are claiming about the green lipped mussels is true when they talk and how it can help in the relief of arthritis and inflammatory joint pain. However, you need to take a closer look at their supplement.  Is it the actual whole green shelled mussel in the product? Or just an ‘extract’ from green lipped mussels.

The extracts of the green lipped mussel is definitely able to benefit people as companies claim, certainly. This is known to be an extraordinary shellfish found on the coast of New Zealand. But an extract gives you only a few of the benefits and you lose out on all the rest.

The problem with many of these companies that produce their own green lipped mussel brands is that either they are not concerned with getting the most out of their product or perhaps they simply have not learned how to get the most out of this shellfish.

What Many Brands Do

Some Brands Want a Quick Buck

The habit today has been hear about a natural resource and its benefits, go find that natural resource, and farm it as quickly as possible.  Then turn it into a supplement and market the heck out of it based on studies done on it.  However, harvesting a natural resource and processing it doesn’t mean that all the nutrients discovered in the studies, made it through the transformation.

As consumers we are fully aware of this discrepancy.  How many times have you heard about the benefits of a natural supplement gone out to buy it then been disappointed? How many times have you discovered a brand of natural supplement that managed to capture the potency of the resource and seen amazing results?  We know that quality is important.  So we search it out.

When it comes to health it is best that the consumer always pay attention to quality, it is this quality that can raise the standards that force other companies to create a better brand.  This is a good thing.

I don’t know about you, but I want to get as many benefits for my dollar as possible.

Choice For Best Green Lipped Mussel Brand Around

Xtend Life Provides Only the Best Quality

Well, I have found a brand that lives up to all my expectations and requirements. The green lipped mussel capsules I choose is called Xtend Life. You may wonder what makes this brand better than the rest?

Let’s start with the fact that this company has done it’s homework. What this means is that this company has taken the time to investigate and to study the best ways of harvesting and processing any and all of the products that they package and sell. And they are happy to tell us, the consumers how they do it.

One of the ways that separates them from the other companies is that they use a unique two way low heating process with their green lipped mussels and because of this unique procedure it allows for a better product made in a quicker time period. Because of this process they are able to maintain the nutritional value that allows for this supplement to be as potent in its supplement form as it is in it’s raw state.

They understand that it is more beneficial to make a product that has the same qualities in a supplement as it would in its raw form because then you the customer would receive more benefits such as improved circulation, better immune system, which allows for increased resistance to viral and bacterial infection plus other advantages you can’t get unless you eat this shellfish in it’s raw state. And who eats any shellfish in it’s raw state!

Xtend-Life’s green lipped mussel brand is in a class by itself when it comes to the research they’ve done and the process in which they produce and manufacture their products.

I’ve only touched on a portion of what this company provides. Don’t take my word for it, if you really want to know more about how to take advantage of this special product go see for yourself why Xtend-Life’s green lipped mussel brand stands far above the rest of the competition.