Green Lipped Mussel Antioxidants

Help Fight Off Diseases

Green Lipped Mussel Antioxidants Could Restore Your Health

Antioxidants are protective substances that keep your cells safe from harmful free radicals in the body. The free radicals in your body result from toxic build up due to the breaking down of food, exposure to harmful elements in the environment, and unhealthy habits. Green lipped mussel antioxidants can help you fight the destructive effects of free radicals on your cells.

The human body has many different systems functioning all at the same time. All our organ systems require the use of oxygen to function. Sadly, the very same oxygen that keeps us alive is also responsible for leaving behind harmful oxidants. These oxidants, also known as free radicals, damage cells in the body. A huge build-up of these oxidants can result to serious ailments such as heart disease and cancer.

What Happens When Our Cells are Damages?

Antioxidants Prevent Disease and Repair Damaged Cells

When cells are damaged, it can result to physical and physiological changes in the human body; we age faster, develop illnesses and diseases as the immune system is weakened, and destroy certain body organs. We need substances to fight off these free radicals to prevent serious health conditions. Antioxidants help build the immune system. They not only protect the cells from the destructive effects of oxidants, but they can also repair damaged cells.

Why Are Green Lipped Mussels the Best Source for Anti-Oxidants?

Heal with green lipped mussels

Green Lipped Mussels Feed on Phytoplankton

Green lipped mussel antioxidants are very powerful in acting as a shield for our immune system. Not only does it protect your immune system, it helps strengthen it to keep you healthy at all times. The New Zealand green lipped mussels is a very potent source of antioxidants. It is said that exposure to the hole in the stratosphere has increased the level of antioxidants in various New Zealand marine life, particularly the phytoplanktons; tiny sea plants.

Phytoplanktons serve as food for many sea animals including the green lipped mussel. They are said to be very rich in antioxidants. Green lipped mussels feed off of pytoplanktons which is why green lipped mussels are also very rich in the most potent kind of antioxidants. When served raw and fresh, green lipped mussel is the best and most abundant source of so many nutrients that include Omega 3 fatty acids,  and vital vitamins and Minerals; all of which work together to help you treat certain illnesses and help prevent you from acquiring diseases.

You can get green lipped mussel antioxidants from properly processed supplements that contain well-preserved antioxidants. The best green lipped supplement has all the essential nutrients of a raw green lipped mussel. Find the best green lipped mussel supplement that will help fight off diseases and keep you healthy for a long time. We recommend Xtend life Green lipped Mussel Supplements for their high quality and generous dosage.